Washing Machine problems

Washing Machines are an integral part of a household. I have hardly seen anyone from an urban background without having this crucial appliance to perform cleaning operations. With the use of zero percent EMI, it has become convenient for almost everybody to avail the benefits with ease. In this article, we are going to talk about some basic measures which anyone can make easily at home to take care of a washer machine. It’s very important and required to maintain the appliance to enjoy hassle-free and highly efficient germ-free cleaning.

Generally, we can see two types of Best washing machines in India, Automatic and Semi-Automatic. We will talk about the steps which can be applied for both washer types. Let’s see them below:

1. Foul smell 

The reason I have mentioned this on the top is that experiencing the foul smell from the washing container is one of the most common problems in most of the consumer and discussion forums on the internet. The simple and very basic solution is just to use a dry and soft rag and wipe off the washing container after wash. Once it has the least moisture, just keep the door open for 30-45 minutes and that’s all you need to do to get rid of almost any kind of smell texture.

2. Detergent patches on the clothes

 It feels ridiculous to see some white sticky patches on the textile surface after the cycle completion but there are some easy and basic solutions to it. The very number one is to just use liquid detergent as they dissolve easily leaving no residual traces on the garments. Liquid detergents are also very gentle with the life of the fabric and help in maintaining the texture.

3. Low cleaning output

The definite purpose of the appliance is to deliver optimum cleaning performance and it gets frustrating when we see dirty ends even after washing with the best possible corresponding settings concerning the load. One of the most common issues behind this is an overloaded washing machine. Please never do that. It directly hurts the cleaning performance and most importantly harmful for the life of the appliance. Also, please note to select the appropriate washing conditions for the fabric type.

4. Noise Disturbance

 People with a very busy lifestyle are used to initiating the wash program before getting to sleep. There comes the issue of noise disturbance where it becomes uncomfortable for a person to sleep in that alarming sound of a washer. Specific brands like Bosch work on this less sensitive consumer hassle but people who want a solution to this issue can address Bosch washer machines.

 5. Clogging

The last but very common issue is the clogging in the drain pipes. The major causes are Leftover lint from the garments, Dirt, and other greasy materials. You just need to separate the drainage pipe from the machine’s end. Use a heavy flow tap to push water with force into the inner area of the pipe to throw out the spillage. It’s also recommended to use hot water for better and quick results.


Above are some basic day-to-day problems a washing machine operator would face. But if proper measures and precautions are taken, I can assure you even a low-end washing machine can deliver a satisfactory performance.