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Your home expresses your statement and taste. The home decor world is ever-evolving with a unique blending of natural materials with modern art. One such unique and innovative technique is the combination of wood and epoxy resins. It merges the radiant allure of resins with the natural beauty of wood. Woodly Crafts is at the forefront of the home decor revolution. We provide a wide variety of stunning decor options to transform your home into a world of art. In this article, we are going to have an insight into a variety of options which Woodley crafts provide.

The Magic of Wood and Epoxy Resins

Epoxy resins are polymers which harden to a high glossy finish. The amazing combination of wood and epoxy resins makes designs that are not only decoration pieces but are artistic creations bringing a touch of nature into your home. The process of making epoxy and wood designs includes coating wood with epoxy resins resulting in a durable surface. These designs of resins fill the gaps and cracks between wood giving perfect finish to imperfections of wood.

Give a Modern Look to Home Decor

Our wooden decor is unique with its grain patterns and knots. In the same way, when we combine resin decor with wood it brings a modern twist to conventional home decoration. Resins can be tinted with different colors to make a large number of different designs. This decor highlights the natural features of wood. Woodly Crafts selects high-quality wood that is durable and aesthetically appealing to customers.

Woodly Crafts: An Innovator in Wood and Resin Decor

Woodly Craft has established itself as a great and stunning designer in the woody and epoxy decor field.  Our commitment to quality and material makes us stand out as a remarkable place. Each piece on our platform is designed with quality material and has a new design. We have built our reputation by ensuring quality and providing customized designs to our customers.


Furniture of Woodly Crafts that Makes a Statement

We have a range of woody and epoxy furniture. From epoxy river tables to wall art we offer you a wide variety of home decor products. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Wall Art and Epoxy River Table

We create wooden and epoxy wall designs by combining the rustic charm of wood with the modern look of epoxy resins. The allure of the river effect is created by keeping two slabs of wood having a gap and then filling the gap with epoxy resins. This creates a famous river effect featuring a river running through woods. We also create river tables in the same way by using wooden walls as a river and then filling the gap between two wooden slabs with colorful resins.

2. Natural Scenery and Abstract Art

Woodly Crafts features seascape and landscape designs by using wood at the base and then adding different colored layers of resin to show water, sky and mountains. We also offer abstract designs with the flowing nature of resins.

3. The Appeal of Woody Rings in Home

Woody rings are a trend in home decor these days. Woodly Crafts offers woody rings which are used as clusters or can be used individually for walls or furniture items. They can complement any type of decor. Woody rings are also used in dining tables to coffee tables. They also help in creating durable designs appealing to home decor items.


Woodly Crafts offers a unique way to make your home look amazing with their wood and epoxy designs. They make handcrafted wooden signs and stunning epoxy pieces. You can see their love for art and precision in every item they make.

Epoxy and wood art designs by Woodly Crafts offer an adorable way to elevate your home decor. We combine glossy resins with woody materials to create wood and resin home decor that can be customized and will last for a long time. Whether you like abstract geode designs or a minimalistic finish to your house. Buy your material and allow us to make your house a creative piece of art. Surely, our art will inspire and captivate your attention.