To keep your residential and commercial building protected from adverse climatic conditions, you need to apply architectural cladding on your exterior walls. If you have a plan to renovate your home, then you can incorporate architectural cladding panels in your renovation plan. It can be used for residential buildings, apartments, industrial buildings and skyscrapers.

Architects can design a skyscraper with a clean look, and they can provide a minimalist and model look to your residential apartment or building. In this case, they can use architectural cladding panels horizontally or vertically on your building. These panels are available in various colours and designs, and you can choose the best materials for your cladding. You can also install them in different patterns. These cladding panels are well suited for large-scale buildings, and you can make your building soundproof and well-insulated with these panels. Apart from that, cladding can also keep your rooms in moderate temperature because they can block extreme heat and cold temperature. As a result, you can save your power consumption cost to a great extent.

Why Would You Choose Architectural Cladding?

Architectural cladding is mostly designed with stainless steel, and it can provide a great aesthetic appeal to your building. You can also use such panels to decorate your building or residential property. Cladding is a protective layer that can be applied on your exterior walls, and it can insulate your building. You can use steel, vinyl, wood or aluminium for your architectural cladding. You can find different types of claddings such as curtain walling, sheet cladding, timber weather boards, glass assembled cladding and panel glazing. You can choose the best one according to your needs.

  • You cannot use wooden cladding on a skyscraper. You can use stainless steel panels for cladding your large commercial building. It can give a professional and clean look to your building, and you can install such cladding panels horizontally or vertically.
  • As stated above, architectural claddings are available in different colours, textures, and materials and you can choose the best one according to your needs. You can polish your exterior walls by using such cladding panels.
  • You can install such panels between the wall and the cladding, and rain can run down through these panels. But you cannot use such panels near the fireplace because fire and smoke can spread through these panels and damage your building. In this case, you can use bricks, cement, and steel and aluminium claddings because these materials are heat resistant.
  • You can use such cladding panels in the corners, bases and the mounting channels of your building. Apart from protecting your walls, cladding panels can also provide a backup to your building, and it can hold the foundation of your building. As a result, durable cladding can protect your building from adverse climatic conditions.
  • Architectural cladding can create an air-tight envelop between your walls, and it can keep your rooms soundproof. They are easily to install, and you can hire a cladding contractor for the same. They can install your cladding with best quality materials. You can use architectural cladding to create an external facade.

You need to choose the best quality materials for your architectural cladding, and you can consult an expert in this regard. An architect can design your cladding in a better way, especially when you are looking for a proper cladding for your large-scale commercial building. They will inspect your building and help you to choose the best cladding material. Along with that, they will design your cladding horizontally or vertically, and they can make your building weather resistant.