You cannot stay at your home with blocked drains, can you? Nobody can, isn’t it? Foul smells coming out from your blocked drains can make your rooms unclean,and you need to call a plumber to clean your drains. You can simply use some DIY tools to clean your drains. 

However, if it is related to severe clogs such as tree roots penetration into your drainage system, you cannot excavate your outdoor area to clean your drains. In this case, you have no other option but to rely on professional plumbing service to clear the blocked drains in your area.

How Would You Identify Blocked Drains? 

However, you can try the following DIY techniques to clean your drains that are blocked. Before you clean your drains with DIY tools, you need to identify the root cause of your blocked drains.

Here, You Can Find Some Symptoms of Clogged Drains:

  • Sometimes, you can find foul smells coming out from your toilet, and you can use your flush twice to clean your toilet. If you find your toilet overflowing, then you need to identify the clogs. It is a common symptom of blocked drains.
  • The overflowing sink is a nightmare for every homeowner, and it is a common symptom of blocked drains. Cooling oils, food scraps, and grease can deposit inside your drains, and it can block your drainage system. You should not flush your leftover food and cooling oil from your sink.
  • Apart from that, you can find some gurgling sound coming out from your drains, especially when using your flush. It can be an issue related to your flushing system, and you should check the flush before you clean your drains.
  • Slow draining is another issue that you can face in your shower room. Sometimes, water will take longer to drain out, and your bathroom will become a pool. It will damage your walls and tiles. You should remove the clogs caused by solid objects like hairs and soaps from your drains.
  • Tree roots penetration is a major problem, and it can damage the main sewage system of your house. If you have large trees on your yard, you should prune your trees on time and reline your underground drainage lines with PVC materials. If you face any issue with the underneath drainage system, then you should call a professional plumber to get a CCTV inspection of your drainage lines. They can use their advanced tools to clean your blocked drains.

Tips to Clean Blocked Drains With Ease 

It is suggested to hire a plumbing service to clean your drains professionally because they have some advanced tools and techniques to clean your drains. But, you can pour some hot water mixed with vinegar into your drains to remove the grease and oils. You can also use some natural cleaners to clean your drains. Make sure to avoid harmful chemicals to clean your drains because they can contaminate your water.

You can buy caustic cleaners from your local hardware store to clean your drains. Apart from that, you can use a plunger to remove the solid objects from your drains. If you do not have any plunger, you can simply use your hanger to make a drain snake and clean your blocked drains.

Final Words

You can get instant relief from your blocked drains by using such DIY tools, but you cannot clean your drains completely. In this case, you need to use CCTV to inspect your drains and identify the clogged areas. You can search for blocked drain cleaning services online and read their reviews to choose the best one.