Even though most people don’t like spending too much money on outdoor projects, investing in your backyard should be an exception. Probably the most enjoyable thing you could do there is creating a spa-like retreat where you can recuperate after a long and hard day. This sounds like a ton of work at first, but it’s actually doable if you put your mind to it and make a plan. Here are a few suggestions that might help you turn your ordinary backyard into a spa oasis.

Safety and privacy

First of all, you need to take safety and privacy into consideration, no matter how cool and friendly your neighbours are. If you want to relax and take your mind off everything, you can’t have peeping Toms lurking ogling at you all day long, especially if you’re wearing nothing but a pair of speedos and a bathrobe.

So, you need to build a fence all around your backyard or, if that sounds too expensive, grow some vines and thus get a more natural look that’s going to be just as effective. Building a fence is a project you can tackle on your own, but get informed first and make sure your protection is high enough.

Start with a bathtub

Even if your backyard isn’t as spacious as you’d like it to be, you can still turn it into a spa-like area with a proper bathtub – this could really become the focal point of your outdoor area and give you all the pleasure you need. It’s basically the same thing as taking a long bath in your bathroom, surrounded by scented candles and soothing music, but it’s outdoors and therefore about a million times nicer.

A bathtub is a great way to cool down during the summer and if you maintain and clean it regularly, you’ll be able to use it for decades.

Throw in a pool

If you’re really dedicated to your own comfort and wish to take things to another level, you simply have to look into a small pool. It’s a perfect way to relax, but also stay physically active, and just imagine teaching your kids how to swim right in the middle of your own backyard.

Moreover, if you think outside the box a bit more and are looking for the absolute best option on the market, you should definitely go for one of the popular concrete pool designs, which are for those who don’t want to settle for standard shapes. Whatever shape and size or you desire, your pool can be fully customize into something unique, with your imagination being the only limit. All you need to do is pick your favourite, install it in your backyard and start enjoying your free time on a whole new level.

Finish it off with a sauna

If you’re in a position to invest more money into your backyard spa experience, go all in and hire someone to build you your own private sauna! Yes, this might be quite costly and require lots of time and patience, but the results are extraordinary – just picture coming home from work, taking your shoes off and stepping right into a sauna just a few feet away, or, even better, spending the entire Sunday doing nothing but relaxing between your pool and a sauna.

Of course, you can build a smaller, simpler sauna or hot tub on your own in a matter of days, and it might be just as good as a professional one, so give it a go as soon as possible.

Other features

Some of the other things you could incorporate into your backyard spa area include massage tables, foot baths and, finally, a comfy bed you can dive into right after a pampering spa session.

Creating a spa haven in your very own backyard takes some time, money and a pinch of imagination. When you think about countless hours of pampering joy you and your loved ones are going to spend in it, every effort seems justified. Don’t you agree?