Has it happened to you that you choose the best of the best dining tables and chairs but when you put them together, it looks dull and mismatched? If yes, this is because dining tables and chairs should be well synchronized to get an appealing and utility-based set, or else they look like random pieces of furniture kept together just for the sake of it. The art of mixing Scandinavian Dining Tables and Chairs requires careful attention and consideration of various factors that work towards making the set a stunningly beautiful pair. To master this art of mixing Scandinavian Dining Table and Chairs, here are 5 factors that you absolutely can’t afford to miss out on.

1. Shape

Since Scandinavian style furniture comes in very artistic and designer forms, matching Scandinavian dining table with Scandinavian dining chairs might come across as an overwhelming task but it no longer has to. The one and only key to a perfect match is to use similar shape. If you choose a round or oval table top, then it is suggested that you choose chairs that have the back support of the same or similar shape. However, if the chairs are very innovative and have a dominating style, then any kind of table might go well with them as the chairs attract all the attention anyway. If this is so, you can keep on pairing the chair if different tables in your head, unless you get a perfect match.

2. Size

There are a lot of different sizes available in Scandinavian Dining Tables and Chairs. There isn’t any such rule that restricts you from using the largest or the smallest of the chairs available except one which is that the chairs must match the comfort level that you are looking for and must suit the dining table and the dining room as a whole. It is rather odd if you have a table with small surface area and small legs but chairs with long back support resembling the royal chairs. One other rule that the experts believe in is that the size of the dining table and the chairs must be such that when you sit straight on the chair, your elbows must be on the same level as the table top.

3. Color

The color of the dining table and dining chair must match each other, and not necessarily be the same. It would be great to use same hues to get the best look. You can also try famous color combinations if you don’t want to experiment with colors of your own. Try white and turquoise or white and blue. The colors of the dining table and chair must match the vibe that you might want to get from your dining room. For a calm vibe, try neutral colors, for instance, beige chairs with a white table or vice versa. Scandinavian dining tables and chairs come in a myriad of shades so feel free to try out which ones look good as a set and not as individual furniture.

4. Built and Design

Although it is not a fact, a generalized concept is that the more the dining tables and chairs are of the same building, the more they suit each other. One of the main aspects to be careful about, when pairing Scandinavian dining table and chairs is the leg built of both pieces of furniture. If a dining table has a metal chrome finish to it, choose dining chairs that have metal chrome finish as well. Even under Scandinavian style, there are a lot of styles of dining tables and dining chairs available. So it is important to choose tables and chairs with the same appeal to them. Combining modern chairs with a contemporary table is the safest option available but don’t hesitate to try to mix and match different styles like retro with modern or vintage with rugged. You never know, you might just get a heavenly set in this process.

5. Material

It is important to understand that the materials of the dining table and the chairs must match, or at the least complement each other. It is a weird combination to pair a glass table with rugged wooden chairs. For most of us, we like to keep it same and use the same material, for example, if we have a solid oak dining table, we pair them with solid oak dining chairs. The other aspect of material that you will need to consider is the material used in the seats. If you value classy looks more than comfort, you might want to go with leather. But if comfort is your topmost priority choose chairs with soft cushioning and smooth fabric and pair them up with a non-edgy table with a smooth finish. The material must entirely depend on your need and choice.

With these factors in consideration, you will be able to make up a pair of Scandinavian Dining Table and Chairs that you will truly admire and pride on in years to come.