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Everyone can benefit from having a bright and spacious home. However, not everyone has ample space.

Nonetheless, you can incorporate and apply specific hacks to make your home bigger and brighter. This is regardless of whether you live in a small apartment or a three-bedroom house.

Declutter the Space

According to Maid Sailors Maid Service NYC, the first step to having a spacious home is decluttering.

Decluttering your home first before applying any other method or tricks is the cheapest way to make your home bigger and more radiant. Plus, it doesn’t require anything else from you aside from good ole elbow grease and extra time.

You might find that you have a lot of extra space, but you’re unaware of it because of the number of items crowding those spaces around your house. Once you declutter, you might find that you also have enough space to add a few decorative items.

It’s best to stick to making a space as clear as any other thing. That’s because when you have too many things, even decor, around a room, it can feel like noise that can make one feel more anxious than relaxed.

Clean the Windows

If you find that your house isn’t as bright as it used to be, ask yourself when the last time you took the time to clean your windows thoroughly was? That might be one of the factors contributing to the lack of brightness around your house.

Plus, natural light is the best way to make your home feel bigger and brighter, and your windows are the way to do that.

When cleaning your windows, it’s best to do that during an overcast day instead of a bright and sunny day. That’s because your window cleaning solution can dry faster, causing streaks or droplets. This leaves behind marks that are difficult to remove.

Also, newspapers are pretty effective at cleaning windows for a streak-free clean.

Hang a Huge Mirror

A clever installation of mirrors around keyspaces and spots around the house can help make a room look bigger and brighter. Of course, you can’t just put them wherever you want for that to work.

Look for a focal point in the room. Placing them in that area can make the mirror placement more effective in making the room bigger and brighter.

Hanging a mirror opposite a source of natural light such as a window is another ideal place. Doing so can help spread that natural light around the room.

You can also incorporate more reflective material around the mirror. For example, a mirrored coffee table can also help make the room look bigger.

Opt for Light Colors

Another way to make your room brighter and bigger is by incorporating or using a lighter color scheme for the room. Lighter colors are more helpful when reflecting light around, which helps make a space feel brighter. Aside from that, there are plenty of lighter shades that never go out of style.

For example, white is always a great idea to color your walls because it goes with many other colors. It also has the additional ability to be able to make a room look brighter. If white doesn’t feel exciting enough for you, you also have many lighter colors to choose from, so don’t worry about that.

Try Bright White LED Bulbs

Some lamps and light bulbs give off a yellowish tint. Although these types of lighting aren’t exactly wrong to have, that yellowish, warm tint makes a moody atmosphere and can make things cozy.

Cozy doesn’t mean bigger and brighter, so you should opt for bright, white LED bulbs instead for the spaces you want to feel like there’s a lot more space.

Not only are LED bulbs bright, but they’re also more energy-efficient, and they last for a long time.

Rearrange Your Furniture

You don’t need to act nor subtract anything from a room to make it feel spacious. Sometimes, you need to make it feel brand spanking new to make it look bigger. Thus, rearranging your furniture is an excellent way to make any room look brand new and also bigger than before.

When rearranging furniture to make it feel more prominent, the rule of thumb is to avoid occupying a “path” with any furniture. The more floor space is freed up, the more spacious it will feel.

Have Minimalist Walls

Having a ton of framed artwork or picture frames on your walls may not be the best option if you’re working with a small space. The reason why that’s the case is that it’s going to make a room feel more crowded than it is. Therefore, if you don’t have that much space, keep the wall art and all to a minimum.

The tips listed in this post should help you get a brighter and more spacious home. That way, even if you live in a smaller home, you can have a refreshing space.

These tips should help you design your home in a way that maximizes the space you have. For more information regarding home improvement, get in touch with us.