You may think that it’s a bit too early to be thinking about spring cleaning – it’s only February. However, spring is just around the corner and will be here before you know it. It pays to be prepared. And when it comes to spring cleaning, some preparation is certainly welcome.

Chances are that you already have a kind of a plan or at least a vague idea of a plan when it comes to spring cleaning. However, it’s always good to revise and update your plan if you see a better or quicker way to do certain things.

In order to get the most accurate idea of what a deep cleaning or a spring cleaning is all about, we asked Castle Keepers of Greenville, a premier cleaning service with years of experience. Here’s what they recommend for spring cleaning.

Freshen Up Your Windows

Many people don’t really pay much attention to their windows during the winter. And why would they; most of us keep the curtains closed for the majority of the season and really don’t want to open the windows and let the cold in.

However, as soon as the weather permits, you will want all that fresh air. But before you can do that, you will need to wash the windows and curtains. All you really need to wash your windows is some warm water and dish soap. Oh, and a soft cloth. But before you deal with the windows, make sure to dust the window frames.

Your Fridge Needs Attention, Too

If you don’t clean out your fridge more than once a year, perhaps this spring should be the time you do this. With the sizes of our fridges getting bigger each year, chances are that there are at least a few things past their expiration date in your fridge. And if there are some spills in there as well, there’s the perfect excuse to clean the fridge.

Start with removing everything from the fridge and giving it a nice wipe down, both from the outside and in. Oh, and don’t forget the top – the place where the most dust will accumulate. Once clean, you can restock your fridge after making sure that all of the expired items are thrown out.

Tackle Your Storage Room

And now we come to the crux of the issue – spring cleaning should be all about getting rid of all the things that you really don’t need any more and should get rid of. And where better to start with this than in your storage room.

You may not call it a storage room, it might be a basement, attic or your garage, but it is the place where you store things ‘you will definitely need later’. We all have this kind of place and this spring should be the time when we actually approach the storage with fresh, realistic eyes.

There are a lot of things that you probably have and don’t need that can be donated to those who could really benefit from having them.

Go Through Your Closet

The same thing that we just said about your storage room can very much apply top your closet. Thanks to modern, fast fashion, we have more clothes than we can wear and a lot of us have clothes in our wardrobes we have never even worn.

As you are preparing to exchange your winter clothes for lighter, spring items, take a close look at both sets of clothes and decide which items you really don’t need – and just give it away. It will not only unburden your home, but also make you feel a bit better knowing that you helped someone.

Spring cleaning is much more than just what we mentioned here, but it sure is a good place to start.