When the business complexes and residential apartments are unoccupied, shutters are the best way to keep the security in check. Shutters are generally installed on the top of the door or entrance. It can be seen pulled down and locked during the night. The shutter is the best way to prevent anyone to break in forcibly. There is variety of shutters available in the market that offers enhanced security level and total protection. Various types of shutters used business and residential complexes are mentioned below.

Shutters used in Business Complexes

Aluminium Shutter: The main aluminium designed shutter includes WP36 Extruded Aluminium Shutter. It is considered to be one of the best shutters because it is very story and crack resistant. It can be used in doors with opening up to the size of 3m X 3m. WP53 Safe is usually used for the entrance with big doors or gate. The strength of WP53 Safe is same as the strength of WP36 shutter. Another newly developed aluminium shutter known as WP Safe Lock System is considered to be on the top of all security shutters. It has an advanced locking system that prevents the burglars from accessing the business or residential premises.

Bar and Counter Shutter: Bar and counter shutters are best for the wide opening reception. It is also considered to be a strong shutter. One can always paint the shutter in their favourite colour by adding a powder in RAL colour. The bar and counter shutter can be operated both by manually and electrically.

Fire and Smoke Curtains: The performance of smoke curtain is same as that of fire shutter. The smoke curtain easily fits into any place it can also be mounted on the void areas of the ceiling.

Fire Shutters: There are generally two types of fire shutters available in the market. First type is Flame Shield 120 and the second type is Flame Shield 240. Flame Shield 120 is specifically designed for reception openings while Flame Shield 240 is designed for the industrial doors as the strength of Flame Shield 240 is more than the former shutter type. These shutters are highly fire resistance and can save several lives during a fire outbreak in a factory.

Industrial door: Shutters for industrial doors are available in the market which can be customized using Plastisol finish and power coating. Few industries use partition door shutters that provide flexibility. It is generally used in a big room with multiple doors. You can see partition doors in conference halls inside a business complex.

Punched Aluminium Shutter: At market places and business complexes, people generally uses punched aluminium shutters. It allows the shoppers to peep inside your store even if the store is closed but does not compromise the security of the store. The shutter is considered to be strong enough to prevent break in attempts by burglars. Steel roller shutters are also used by several shopping complexes. It can be customised using any RAL colour.

Shutters used in Residential Complexes

Folding Grilles: Folding Grilles are quite affordable and secure option for the residential apartments. Along with being pleasant to eyes, it also helps in deterring intrusion. The folding grills can be installed on doors, windows and in veranda based on the measurement of individual requirement. You can also choose the colour of the grilles to be installed.

Plantation Shutter: The plantation style of shutter is slowly getting tremendous popularity around the world. This kind of shutter offers a stylish look to your house along with security. They also help in shading the sunlight and make the room cooler. The plantation shutter is available in variety of colour codes.

The above mentioned ways will help you to keep your premises safe and secure. Along with the security you can also select the shutter that best fits your premises without compromising the appearance.