Australia is headed into the final stretch before spring finally sets in. Now is the time to start prepping your backyard to become the most vibrant and welcoming party venue of the oncoming season. While you might be thinking that there’s plenty of time to get to these chores, the month of August is actually perfect for restoring your backyard to its former glory – it’s not too cold, the weather is clearing up, and the setting is perfect for new flowers and plants to take root.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take a lot of time, money or energy to create everyone’s favourite new backyard, as true beauty and timeless appeal lies in the details. Here is the foolproof guide to transforming your backyard into an awesome party venue.

Rejuvenate the yard

First and foremost, your backyard needs a thorough clean-up after several months of neglect. You can start by de-cluttering the patio, lawn and garden of any debris, accumulated dirt and dust. After you’ve cleaned all the areas, you can move on to fixing any damage your exterior might have suffered from the winter elements, such as paint chips, dents, corrosion, or holes in the ground.

Be sure to remove any anthills and to tend to the garden fence as well. Now’s the perfect time to rejuvenate your flower garden by planting new roots and introducing potted plants around the backyard. When planting, mind the texture of the soil, it might need replacing, and don’t forget to decorate the patio with flowers and plants as well.

Plan the seating

Finally, you can bring out the furniture into the backyard and patio. As a rule of thumb, but depending on the size of your backyard, you want to situate the majority of the furniture on the patio and next to the entrance of the house, and reserve the back lawn for standing, dancing and mingling.

If you have a beautiful flower garden next to the fence of a striking view from your backyard, be sure to place a garden table surrounded by chairs for people to enjoy their cocktails while experiencing the scenery.

Prepare for the weather

No matter how much you want to greet the new, festive season with open arms, you need to remember that spring can be a cruel mistress. The weather can change in a blink of an eye, turning from a warm, sunny afternoon into a shower storm that, although fun, still shouldn’t leave your guests soaking wet.

The unpredictability of the weather requires the use of ample protection so it’s best to get a marquee or a shade umbrella. However, an umbrella might not be good choice due to its size and you might need more than one piece to cover the backyard, and at Sydney Shade you’ll find marquees that are both large and durable enough to withstand the elements and accommodate your entire party under its wing.

Plan the lighting

When it comes to prolonging an afternoon party into the evening hours, adequate lighting is the key. You want to introduce garden floor lights into your backyard and even hang up lanterns between the trees and from the marquee in order to create a true fairy-tale setting that will inspire warmth, passion, and lifelong memories. Be sure to avoid bright lighting, and instead pick the pieces that cast a soft, warm glow that mimics the setting sun, for an added dash of intimacy.

Pick the right tunes

No party is complete without an energetic and passionate playlist that will rattle the senses, evoke emotion and allow the good times to roll. Don’t just stick to one genre of music though, unless it’s a themed party, but try to appeal to all your guests’ tastes and preferences by creating a unique and dynamic playlist entailing everything from evergreens to contemporary artists.

Creating an awesome party venue is a fun and rewarding task. Be sure to follow these essential guidelines when prepping your backyard for the festivities that accompany the warm seasons and you will easily make every one of your parties the party of a lifetime.