When you are picking blinds for your new or existing home it is important to understand the requirements. Does your home have good natural light? What colour are the walls in your home? Do you have children and pets?

If you have pets for example then you may need sturdy wooden slatted blinds or roller blinds, thin wood or plastic blinds may snap if the over excited pets jump up. Much the same as having children, if you have toddlers or children it may be best picking blinds which are less prone to being destroyed or damaged if someone or something comes into contact with them.

From a safety perspective it will be worth contacting a reputable blinds company in Bristol to find out the best type of window blinds and pulleys to keep children safe from harm.

One fun and interesting fact is that some blinds can even help insulate your home, most people considering switching from curtains to window blinds because of the tidiness, but actually they can assist keeping your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The amount blinds you can pick from are huge these days and you would need a dictionary for all the treatment names and types available. Lets go back to  basics and cover some of the 101 advice for picking the right ones for you.

The word “Blinds” refers to a hard constructed and treated system of slats and vanes, these are typically controlled by a pull cord, remote control or a wand.

They are adjustable to keep your home private and allow you maximum light control and can be fully stacked up out of view allowing you to enjoy views from your window. Measuring your blinds to be the perfect fit can be the most challenging part, make sure you have two people on hand to get an accurate measurement and consider whether you want the blinds to be inside the window frame or on the outside of the recess.

People who are after a vintage and old fashioned look may go for rustic wood blinds, or those who are after a modern look may go for roller blinds in bright colours to give a room a modern twist.

Some daring people may even go for a combination of having long curtains with blinds, this allows double the insulation and a luxurious appearance.

If however you are looking for affordable blinds then you could look at using bamboo, not only are they very affordable but they are typically sustainably selected so you can have fun looking practical blinds without the worry of who made them.

Whatever you decide for your blinds and windows you should always contact a reputable blinds company in your local area.