Since 1809 Denby Pottery and Cast Iron Cookware has produced multiple ranges of high-quality, beautiful and durable cookware to please the inner chef in you. Here, the experts at First Ireland take a look at the benefits of adding Denby to your kitchen cookware and tableware.

Oven to Table Cookware

Traditionally, mealtime is family time. There is nothing better than having your friends and family around the dinner table. With contagious laughs and conversation, glasses clinking to a toast, it is a joyous coming together. Usually, this will happen over a hearty meal like a freshly prepared spread of lamb shank, an aromatic curry or a juicy roast beef with an array of vegetables or even the simple trusty old mac and cheese.

With the Denby Pottery Oven to Table collection, serving your guests just became not only a breeze but also a feast for the eyes with the assortment of colours available. From Imperial Blue to Heritage Orchard there’s a colour scheme for every modern-day kitchen.

Handcrafted from the strongest Denbyshire clay, this vitrified cookware has proven its worth in strength, durability, chip and impact resistance. The glassy and non-porous finish is perfect to freeze and reheat leftovers and dishwasher safe for easy and effective cleaning.

With a wide variety of roasting dishes, squared dishes, fish pie dishes, casseroles and more, your kitchen is sure to become the go-to place for every glamorous function and family get together.

Every piece has been designed and created with cooking, serving and eating in mind. A modern-day one-hit-wonder.

Cast Iron Cookware

What a remarkable addition to the culinary world. The benefits of these products are worth a mention.

This must-have piece of mastery, not only distribute heat evenly across the surface, meaning there are no cold-spots; but it also holds heat for longer periods of time so if you feel like serving in the skillet itself, your meal will remain warm to enjoy throughout mealtime.

It’s speculated that the cast iron deposit microparticles of iron into food, adding to your daily dietary iron intake, thus making you healthier. The kids sure would be happy to learn that they don’t need that extra helping of spinach after all.

The Denby Cast Iron range is made out of 100% natural material that is great for the environment and individuals focused on clean living and natural ingredients.

There are also no chemicals used during or after production. These cast iron pots and pans are free from any synthetic materials or chemicals associated with the conventional non-stick surfaces that contain Perfluorocarbons, which is a harsh chemical which has been linked to cancer, liver damage, developmental problems and more. The naturally present oil enables the user to use less or even no greasing agent when cooking and baking. This makes them perfect for those bacon-and-egg breakfast mornings.

The classic look of these products will never go out of style with their eye-catching, rusty, farm-style presentation.

Thanks to the durability of cast iron you never have to worry about replacing your cookware again, either. From stovetop to the hottest of ovens, they are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. There’s also no need for harsh cleaning materials because food particles easily lift off the surface.

Finding the right Denby Set for You

Whether you are a one size fits all consumer or prefer one item for each dish, there is sure to be a perfect Denby Pottery and Cast Iron Cookware set for you and your budget, sure to make you the talk of the dinner party, for all the right reasons.