Dream Home

As the years go by, the home seems to become smaller, when in actual fact, the occupants accumulate more items, and with additions to the family, space can be a problem. Finding a bigger house might work, but many are reluctant to leave the home that has seen such cherished memories, and with a lot of time and money spent on making it just right, perhaps it is a better idea to extend.

Home extensions

The property can be added to with an extension on the ground floor, or by adding a second storey, which would give the homeowner several more rooms. It is wise to talk to a reputable builder who specialises in renovation and extension work on domestic homes. For Western Australians, it makes sense to choose Addstyle as your renovation company, as they have been in the business for more than thirty years, and can design the ideal extension for any structure.

The perfect blend

Adding to a property means keeping in line with the existing structure, and this is something your local builder should be able to do. Most materials can be sourced and with modern coating solutions, the entire property can have the same classic look.

The red tape

Adding to a building requires local government approval, and this can be a bit daunting to the average homeowner. A reputable builder would handle all the paperwork and with a quick approval, the project can get underway without delay. The builder can advise on all aspects of the extension, and with careful planning, the project will be completed on time, and to budget.

The right partner

A building renovation company will be well versed in all aspects of residential construction, and very often the work can be completed without causing the occupants too much inconvenience. The summer months are ideal for this type of work, and hopefully the project will be finished before the colder weather sets in. An established builder will be fully insured, and will have access to all the specific equipment needed for the various stages of the work, enabling a smooth transition.

Al fresco outdoor areas

One might prefer to have something that is primarily used in the summer months, and with the right awnings and screens, the ideal outdoor dining area can be added to the side or rear of the property, giving the occupants added living space that is perfect for lazy brunches or entertaining in the evenings.

The budget

Of course, how much money one can afford to spend will determine the outcome, but one should not skimp on such a major home improvement. Many people use the equity in their homes to pay for the additional rooms, and this allows one to keep those savings for a rainy day. Once the builder knows the budget, they can begin to make suggestions on how best to create that ideal extra living space.

The dream home is within everyone’s reach, as long as one enlists the help of an experienced contractor, who can turn the dream into reality.